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GuangDong Reliance Architectural Hardware co. Ltd. is a company with vigor and vision, backed by experienced of new development, design, production and distribution of Architectural building hardware. Located in Guangdong province near Hong Kong and Macau, which enjoys the facilities in both transportation and export business, only 30 minutes away from The Canton Fair Exhibition Center, GuangDong Reliance Architectural Hardware Co., Ltd. is one of the professional Architectural hardware manufacturers in Southern China……


What is the use of the double bolt mortice door lock body?

What is the use of the double bolt mortice door lock body?

The double bolt mortice door lock body is a common lock body for indoor doors. As the name suggests, the double bolt mortice has two lock tongues, one is to cooperate with the door handle to open and close the door, and the other is a reverse lock to protect privacy and prevent theft. When choosing a double tongue lock body, we need to know that the lock body is an important part of the door lock. A high-quality lock body can determine the service life of the door lock. In ?terms of the material of the lock body, you need to choose high-quality stainless steel 304. Suitable, not only durable and strong.



What is the Narrow border lock body? In which scenarios?

Minimalism style has always been active around us. The most obvious is the birth of Narrow frame door. This minimalist design can maximize the field of vision without obstructing the panorama, but it also requires the cooperation of the lock body, otherwise the wind will blow. Or forget to close the door, which will cause great damage to the door. The size of this Narrow border lock body is usually 20*85, 25*85, 30*85, 35*85, which is suitable for narrow frame doors and adds a touch of style to the simple style.



What are the functions of the invisible door lock body?

But if the invisible door is used in the bedroom or bathroom, and privacy needs to be protected, then the invisible door lock body needs to be installed. In order for the invisible door to play an invisible effect, the lock body must be a single-sided lock body. There is a lock inside the door to ensure privacy. The appearance of the invisible door does not change at all on the outside, but the lock body is added to protect it. The role of privacy.



What are the characteristics of the passage latch lock body?

and it needs to have the above two characteristics The passage latch lock body must be made of stainless steel, and the lower price of the product is stainless steel 201. This kind of product usually rusts due to the environment and usage after one to two years, and the fire resistance is not very good. Therefore, developers who have requirements and heavy quality will usually choose the passage latch lock body made of stainless steel 304, because it is not only fireproof, but also not easy to rust, and the quality is relatively good.

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